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Simply Phone Card

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Service Provider is NW-IP

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The easiest way to stay in touch with your friends or business partners.

The Simply prepaid calling card is the most convenient way to make calls either within the US and Canada or to all major world countries.

The Simply phone card is a Permanent PIN card with the handy Refill option and PIN Free Access feature.

If you live in Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Alaska, you may have faced the situation when prepaid card companies provide no Toll Free Access Numbers to the inhabitants of these regions. Simply international prepaid phone card offers Toll Free numbers to all of the US States and Canada regions. More than that, this calling card enables cheap discounted calls to more than 40 countries of the world, making Simply phone card an ideal solution for businessmen who have numerous international clients or partners, travelers and people who have many friends or relatives in different countries.

With Simply card you can forget about connection fee. Maintenance fee is just $0.89. Also service taxes and surcharges of 25% may be applied. If you make a call from a pay phone, you will be charged for additional $0.99. Your card has an unlimited validity period; the only thing is you should charge it at least once in 10 months. At Simply international calling card a rounding of 3 minutes is established.

Your Simply phone card is fully rechargeable and you can add funds to it whenever you wish in just a couple of clicks. If you become a Simply calling card user, make sure you use a handy "Permanent PIN" option. With its help you can register your telephone numbers that will be automatically recognized by the system, so you can forget about dialing complicated PINs as all you need to do is to call to a Toll Free Number and system will do the rest.

Simply Prepaid Calling Card is a synonym of high quality and best customer support. Only here you can get help not only in English but also in Spanish as well.

This Card can be used from Canada, Puerto Rico, USA - Alaska, USA - Continental
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